Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG et al ,When will we learn.....

So AIG wants to pay no sorry did pay $165million dollars of our "bailout" money to employees of their (our) financial division. Yes, we own quite a bit of that company but are being told, contracts in place before they "failed" and had to be bailed out by our money ! NOT !!! You want to first tell me by these savvy businessmen who ran AIG into the ground while they made millions,would write an employee contract for monetary bonuses Not based on merit ??!!

I mean if that is the decision making they tout then it is time for them to go , that's right fire the top that is where the problem is and so where they are stealing our hard earned tax dollars. Get rid of them, let them go spend what they have already taken but not a red cent more !

Oh ,the favorite argument is that they will just go to work for our competitors, well let 'em, if they use their same brains and sorry decision they used to sink AIG ,it should help us come out way ahead.

Tell me why the Bush administration didn't make all prearranged contracts null and void as a condition of giving them the bail-out money.

You know of course that a whole lot of that bail out money went to "foreign " banks, who AIG where in up to their ears too. Yes, many of our home town banks and other major business entities where the recipients of that bailout money to them too. Something had to be done for them but why not get control of the things they were doing which were so wrong ?! No Bush and his cronies like Paulson didn't do anything about these issues just handed over the money with no strings attached.

We can still stop them from losing what we have invested so far and what they will want in the future. How ? By emailing every senator,congressman and AIG board member to say ,fire the top. Take the firings deep all the way to the second tier , that would be anyone making more than 1 million in salary.

Give them an option ,no salary for two years or resign, after that tie salary to performance ,if they don't agree then, fire them. They are millionaires after all so it isn't as it they will starve anytime soon.

I still hope they (the attorney general ) will be able to prove they don't have to honor those sorry contracts but if they do , then tax them at whatever rate it will take to get it all back. No it isn't harsh; I'm just tired of all the "fat cats "getting fatter ,while we worry about making ends meet. This time let's make 'em pay ,then they will learn.

What do you think about AIG's callous disregard for their rescuers ,us ?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daily Kos National Attention to Florida Redistricting...

Daily Kos, Sunday March 1,2009 giving much needed attention to just how unfair to Democrats and voters in general districts in Florida have been set up to favor the Republicans. "
A New Hope For Redistricting in Florida
by Arjun Jaikumar aka brownsox
Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 04:11:14 PM PST
"Legislators shouldn't get to pick their voters: voters should get to pick their legislators".
The 2010 U.S. Census is now around the corner, and that means that all the states of our union will be drawing new maps for legislative and Congressional redistricting following the census.
Even casual observers of redistricting understand the power of controlling the process, or at least having a seat at the table during redistricting. It could make the difference of a seat or two in several states, and perhaps as many as 10-20 Congressional seats overall."

We can all do something about making the changes we need to be properly represented ,in our efforts to win back the seats which have been stolen from us.

We have all been hearing about our need to work on making Florida Redistricting a priority as it will affect so many positive changes in our State. (Check out the efforts being made by the DEC on our home page ) We all deserve to choose our representatives not have the folks on the other side of the river choosing our State and local reps. The Republicans have done this to us but with out help. Anytime we don't stand up for against the "gerrymandering" which is as Southerns as mint juleps we give others the power to keep us locked out. Let's all commit to working on changing the "business as usual " methods being used to exploiting our lack of involvement.

I hope you will visit the Daily Kos site here is the link ....

Read the entire article which was one of the best I have seen recently ,not only explaining how this effects us all but also what can and should be done about it. Here is the Florida group we can all join to do something to help.....Fair Districts Florida . Along with the local DEC , there is more we can do, phone work,canvassing neighbors,petitions speaking , and more. Sometimes it might mean having a conversation with someone who does not know of the abuse of the system used to get only Republican Gov,legislators elected disproportionately to Democrats. That means lots of Democrats are being discounted and our wishes are being disregarded. I want my wishes to matter ,count and be a fair share of influence in all elections, not diluted with Repubs so they can win seats where they don't really represent the majority of voters. Sounds unfair, yeah, 'cause it is unfair. We can stop it , just a little work but we know we are up to it. We helped get the 44th President elected and he carried Florida, so let's fix this "redistricting" issue then go after a fair number of legislative seats and the governorship too. We deserve Democratic representatives who respect and care about our best interests.
Want to help , here is the link for Fair Districts Florida ,have a quick look at the 'join them' page to see what you can do to get involved. Oh, don't forget to check out our home page , and petitions can be obtained and turned in at the DEC on Beach Blvd., as well. Write me 'cause I want/need to hear from you . TTFN

Friday, February 27, 2009

Recovery Plan passed, now for the Budget-Listen up Elitist

While we may listen to those ,rich,media controlling elitist whine and complain because starting in 2011 their tax rate(those folks making more than 1/4 million $ a year) will go back to the old tax rates from 10 years ago,we don't have to fall for that trick.
How about we do some straight talk to them as well as our neighbors ,blogs , the media and anyone else who will listen ?

Okay so listen us those of you making income of 1/4 million $ or more...
You are NOT receiving a tax increase.....for the last 10 years you have gotten
a free tax break.
You have been allowed to make all you wish and still pay at
old tax rates ,thanks to Ronald Reagan...well these tax rates are scheduled to expire in 2011 and we will let them expire,as was always planned .
So why try blaming President Obama and the new Budget outline? This is the usual trick you like to play , "Oh,woe is me with my rich self what shall I do with all the money I made while the economy appeared strong and I was not paying my fair share ? How could anyone expect me to pay what I actually owe? "
Well , you should be paying fairly the media may provide you and the Republicans with air time to for this tripe but I don't have any time for that sad song.
At first I wanted to know why wait until 2011 ? Why not roll back those tax cuts now, so you can add a few billion in taxes to our reduce the deficit starting this year?
Then I shook myself and realized ,President Obama knows what he is doing and doesn't need me or you second guessing him. He was elected because of his intelligence,vision and fresh ideas including affordable health care for us all , so let's help him to succeed.
At some point it should be realized that we are all in the same boat, some are rowing and pitching in with all our might while some of you are shirking and standing up rocking the boat "For philosophical " reasons which don't matter a hill of beans while we are in this mess. Your philosophy got us in this mess while you made millions now it is time for you to pay your fair share.
Bobby Jindal and others are making a huge mistake by trying to punish the people in their states who need assitance most by biting the hand trying to feed them. Wonder why any politician even the mis-guided Republicans can believe that all those unemployed contituents who need those extended unemployment benefits will appreciate them saying no , go hungry. Using the flimsy excuse tha taking this assistance "could" ,"might", possible cost the states money at some point in the future. How about worrying about the people depending on you for help NOW! How about worrying about your own responibilities to your home states ahead of your own political future? Or better yet and here is something you might understand,starving people have long memories and you will have a hard time getting elected as dog catcher after serving them that famous "Let 'em each cake " attitude toward the suffering and their families.
What can we do ?
  1. Well, raise your voice in support of the new direction our President's Budget outling taked toward a Country taking better care of its fiscal responsiblities?
  2. Start by mentioning the honesty of this budget where for the first time in decades it actually shows true $$ amounts for military spending.
  3. Continue by explaining why it will help pull us out of recession/depression by finally attacking the overwhelming health care issues effecting us all.Did you know the huge % of money spent on preventable illnesses, as well as , the % of $ allocted to healthcare by small businesses and still it is usually partial coverage at best. Extending Cobra benefits with this huge % of the population unemployed and without health care only makes since.
  4. Tell them why the additional funds allocated for assistance to our Military returning home from war , who have more than earned continuing health care, education benefits and yes clean ,safe housing.We owe them that for their sacrifice.

I truly believe with enough of us chiming in on behalf of the full agenda of President Obama we can make a difference. Just like during the early days of the election process when we were told he didn't stand a chance . We knew better! We could see that he is blessed with the attributes which make him the man for this particular time in our Nation's history! He can do it with our help. Let us all pitch in ,every drop of water into a bucket helps to fill it, and yes, this blog is only another little drop but you can add your drop and keep them coming. It is appreciated. Please click on the link below to see what else you can do.Read all about it , gain information and insight , see how you can help .



How about dropping a line here on the blog ? We encourage you to join the conversation so we can hear your point of view. Write us please ,this is your blog so let us hear from you .

Monday, February 9, 2009



We celebrate Black History Month with a few pictures as well as this fabulous link. Take a peek and forward to our youth ,please.

Just a few words about how you too can come to the aid of our Country . As we face the worst economic crisis in our lifetime ,let us get busy being part of the solution and not just another part of the problem.
What can you do ?
First do some light reading on any one of these websites for "facts" not rhetoric out the problem and possible solutions.
2. Write your Senator asking them to support the President.

3. Open a discussion with your friends & neighbors at the Barber Shop,or
Beauty Parlor,let them know the facts and that you support our President.

4. Become politically active today; you can make a difference.

5.Come back to this blog often and leave feedback for our readers.
I want to say a word about our City Council ,as they have a great deal to do with how any $$$ the city of Jax. receives is spent.
Help keep a watchful eye on the bidding process they are attempting to skirt our protections. It can't just be about their friends while they spend our money.

You may view Jacksonville City Council site @ http://www.coj.net/City+Council/default.htm
The full Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Citizens are encouraged to play an active role in their city government. You may obtain a Council Agenda in the Legislative Services Division in City Hall (Suite 430) on the Friday before a meeting.
See you back here again next week , if not before . Thank you for your interest, please try some of our recommended links .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New beginning for our blog- Inaugural was Fantastic - tell us your views

Jessica and Team # 9 PIC volunteers.

Truly inspirational , the crowds,prayers,tears,shouts of joy , the spectacle of colors and soundsmade this a day to be remembered always . It was awesome to have that "feeling of Goodwill" all around us. The cold didn't matter just the warm feelings of hope and promise.

I was one of 13,000 volunteers for the PIC (Presidential Inaugural Committee) here are a few pictures of training, volunteers, the Inaugural Ceremony,and the balls in Washington D.C. and local.

Northeast Florida Inaugural Ball hosted by Clay,Duval & St. John's County DEC's

World Golf Village Marriot

Chairman Travis Bridges, gets support from President Obama cut-out .

A good time was had by ball-goers !

The Herring's smile with style !

The Sher's show us how to "boogey-down"


Sunae & Foxeybrown enjoy a break from the dance floor.

Will be posting more pictures on this blog of DEC activities. Enjoy !